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Flex Soft Company offers a wide range of more than 17 proprietary programs designed for Pawnshops and Microcredit Organizations.

Products lombard

FlexFin   PawnShop -

 heart of activities automation and accounting in pawnshops. It allows for customer management, pawn tickets, and various pledges.

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Producе asoki online

ASOKI    Online –

An automated system for exchanging credit information for sending data to the "Credit Information Analytical Center".

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Products tg bot constructor

Telegram Bot Constructor-

Allows creating custom Telegram bots for specific clients, including organizations using FlexFin.


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Products flex fin

FlexFin  - Specifically designed for microcredit organizations and pawnshops to fully automate their core activities and accounting.


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Products CB report

CBReport -

A system for sending mandatory reports to the Central Bank of Uzbekistan and updating distributed Central Bank directories for FlexFin and CBReport.

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Products message sender

Message Sender -

Software that flexibly generates messages for sending to interested parties. Integrated with FlexFin program.



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Products report generator

Report Generator –

A report management system.

A system for generating arbitrary printed forms (contracts, acts, graphics) with a convenient design.

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Products asoki


Automatic exchange of credit information for sending data to the Credit Bureau "Credit Information Analytical Center".



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Products support 2

Support -

Premium-class technical support offered by FlexFin for our clients.





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FlexFin Tolovlar -

Is an automated payment acceptance system using payment systems such as Payme, Uzum, Click, Qiwi, Paynet, and reflecting them in the FlexFin program. 

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Products logo

Decision-Making System -

A visual constructor for building credit application processing flows with flexible configuration.




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Auto Tolovlar 2

FlexFin Auto Tolovlar -

A system for automatic loan repayment, allowing automatic repayment of loan debt from HUMO and UZCARD plastic cards.



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Products FlexFin Mobile Client 2

FlexFin Mobile Client -

Helps clients get information about their loans, repay loan debts, and obtain new loans without visiting the Microcredit Organization's office - online.


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Products sender complex

SMS Sender Complex

a complex of programs for message distribution, developed for notifications (messages and notifications) to interested parties through various communication channels.

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Products gsm modem node

GSM Modem Node – 

a program for sending SMS via GSM channel through GSM modules (a separate program is created for each module using a flexible library).


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Products Android Mobile App Node 2

Android Mobile App Node - developed specifically for devices based on the Android OS, allowing sending SMS to borrowers via mobile phones or tablets.



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The Credit Conveyor enables the automation of the loan issuance process. This system is designed for Non-Bank Credit Organizations – MFO and Pawnshops using FlexFin.



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The Digital Government allows MFIs and Pawnshops to verify borrowers before issuing loans by obtaining necessary data on the client from various government agencies.



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Coming soon

For non-bank credit organizations

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