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The Flex Fin Mobile Client application is designed for non-bank credit organizations that are users of FlexFin, offering personalized accounts, remote face identification (using a partner service), and online loan issuance and repayment.

The application is customized to match the client's corporate identity and is sold as a separate product with exclusive design features.

The Flex Fin Mobile Client mobile application targets consumers of financial services. It enables users to submit credit applications to partner credit organizations for both online and offline loans, as well as access information on existing loans and their balances, along with repayment schedules.

Future plans include adding the ability to obtain credit reports from credit bureaus.

The primary objective of the mobile application is to attract the maximum number of users, including potential consumers of financial services.

The core concept of the application is to consolidate all relevant information about various loans from different credit organizations into a single platform.

The FlexFin Mobile Client program helps clients easily access information about their loans, repay existing debts, and obtain new loans online, without the need to visit the offices of microfinance institutions.

For non-bank credit organizations

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