The Automated Decision-Making System


The Automated Decision-Making System is a visual constructor for building credit application processing flows with flexible customization options. The system includes software blocks for integration with FlexFin, Credit Bureaus, Messaging Software Complex, etc. It also incorporates scoring elements.

It is specifically designed for Pawnshops and Microcredit Organizations.

This system autonomously retrieves data from various sources (e.g., FlexFin software, Credit Bureau, Tax Inspection, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.).

Taking into account various parameters (such as credit history, number of loans taken, number of loans repaid and outstanding, borrower's income level, etc.), the system automatically decides whether to approve or deny the loan to the borrower.

Clients, who are users of this software, can use the block-based system to construct their own decision-making algorithm structure according to their needs.

For non-bank credit organizations

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