Message Sender Complex - A Suite of Messaging Software


(Message Sender Complex) – The Message Sender Complex is a software suite designed for flexible message routing to notify interested parties through various communication channels. One specific use case of the system is sending SMS messages to borrowers.

The program consists of a server-side component (broker with queues and an administrative panel) installed on our servers and a set of client programs. The complex allows for flexible message routing (currently SMS) according to specified rules to the necessary client programs. Within the system, these are referred to as nodes, and they implement a unified interaction interface for the broker. The set of client programs includes:

  1. Message Sender - dynamically generates messages according to a schedule and sends them to the broker. Messages can have tags added to facilitate routing decisions.
  2. Play Mobile Node - a program for sending SMS messages via a content provider.
  3. Flex Fin Query - a program for interactively obtaining information about loans and debts through dialogue with the user via messages.
  4. GSM Modem Node - a program for sending SMS messages via GSM channels through GSM modules (a separate program is created for each type of module using a proprietary flexible library).
  5. Android Mobile App Node - a program for Android phones that allows sending SMS messages through an Android-based mobile phone.