Android Mobile App Node


The Mobile SMS Sender software is a system for notifying borrowers by sending SMS messages. The system allows for the generation of outgoing SMS messages and their distribution to borrowers when necessary.

The Mobile SMS Sender software suite for message distribution consists of a server part (a broker with queues and an administrative panel) installed on our servers and a set of client programs. The suite enables flexible routing of messages (currently SMS, but potentially including Telegram and others in the future) to the appropriate client programs according to predefined rules. In the system, these are called nodes, and they provide a unified interface for interaction with the broker.

The Android Mobile App Node mobile application is part of the Mobile SMS Sender software suite.

Considering FlexSoft's new development strategy and customer feedback, a suite of Mobile SMS Sender programs was created in 2021 to fully automate the process of sending SMS messages to borrowers.

The Android Mobile App Node is specifically developed for devices running on the Android OS and enables SMS sending via mobile phones.

This software (hereinafter referred to as "software") comes in .apk format and is installed individually upon request from the client.