This system facilitates the retrieval and analysis of credit reports from the Credit Bureau. The software product is designed for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and Pawnshops and comes with ready integration with Flex Fin. Potentially, this product can be integrated with a bank's Core Banking System (CBS) to enter the banking market. The product is capable of receiving any reports from the Credit Bureau and, upon receiving reports in XML format, it stores the data in a relational format, allowing for analysis and the generation of custom reports. (Currently, ASOKI ONLINE is being used by 3 major MFIs).

ASOKI is an automated system for exchanging credit information.

The ASOKI software product is intended for the automated transmission of data to the Credit Bureau "Credit Information Analytical Center" (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau) in accordance with technical requirements.

Prior to 2021, our company released and successfully implemented 2 versions of the ASOKI software product.

Sending a credit application to the credit bureau is necessary to obtain a customer's credit history, upon which the customer's ability to obtain credit/money from microfinance institutions depends, or the refusal to provide money if the customer has a poor, negative credit history.

Considering FlexSoft's new development strategy and customer feedback, in order to fully automate the process of sending data to the Credit Bureau "Credit Information Analytical Center", the ASOKI program - version 3 - ASOKI ONLINE was created in 2021.

Use of the credit bureau's API, data retrieval and transmission occur completely automatically.

The ASOKI software product is built in such a way as to ensure product reconfiguration according to customer requirements and changing data transmission requirements in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.

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