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Software Development

Our company is ready to offer you software developed for various devices running Windows, Android, and IOS.

We have many years of experience working with software at all stages of its lifecycle.

Customer Interaction

For client companies, we offer a full development cycle: analysis, development of technical specifications, defining the architecture of the software product, high-quality implementation, functional testing, and implementation within agreed timelines.

Fast and Convenient Operation

With our software products, your work will become more convenient, easier, and more productive. FlexFin, ASOKI, CBReport, PawnShop, Message Sender, Telegram-bot are essential tools for every Pawnshop and Microfinance Organization.





Our professional support service allows us to promptly solve client tasks and issues.


Our specialists continuously improve their level of specialization and professionalism.


About Us:

The main activity of the company is the development and support of software of various complexity levels. Our software development services are characterized by a powerful combination of technological expertise, high quality, and practical experience in implementing solutions for various industries. Optimizing the business of our clients is the main task that we set for ourselves. The main guarantee of success is the professionalism and teamwork skills of our specialists. Our employees have participated in complex and large-scale projects. Our use of flexible software development methodologies allows us to significantly reduce the time from task assignment to product implementation for the client. Additionally, the client can participate in the development process and quickly make adjustments if necessary. We ensure maximum return on investment by creating high-quality products that best meet the needs of the customer.

Microfinance Organizations
Microcredit Organizations

Products Launched by Our Company

Flex Soft Company offers a wide range of over 17 proprietary programs designed for Pawnshops and Microfinance Organizations.

Products flex fin

FlexFin - developed specifically for microfinance organizations and pawnshops, aiming for full automation of their core activities.

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Message Sender - 

this software developed specifically for sending all types SMS messages to loanees and all interested parties.

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Report Generator –

system for automatic generation of arbitrary print forms (contracts, acts, schedules) with convenient design.

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PawnShop -  automation of activities and accounting in pawnshops. It allows for customer management, pawn tickets, and collaterals. 

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prod 4

ASOKI ONLINE – an automated credit information exchange system for sending data to the Credit Bureau (Credit Information Analytical). 

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Chosen by Over 90% of the Microfinance Sector

We rightfully consider ourselves leaders in this field, having solid experience with various requirements and wishes of our clients.

150 Microfinance Organizations

74 Microcredit Organizations

75 Pawnshops

1 Leasing Company


"Already for several years I've been collaborating with the FlexSoft company. Without FlexFin and CB Report programs, the operation of our pawnshop would be impossible."


"I use ASOKI Online and Message Sender programs. They are very convenient for our Microfinance Organization. I also plan to acquire others."


"I am very satisfied with the software support. The guys are competent, work quickly, precisely, and smoothly."


"The Telegram bot purchased from FlexSoft Company significantly increased our client base and automated the workflow in our Microfinance Organization."


Flex Soft Team

At Flex Soft, we have a dream team. These are competent specialists with burning eyes, passionate hearts, and a multitude of ideas. Here reigns an atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding, respect, and high productivity. We create cool products and in-demand IT solutions for microfinance, microcredit organizations, and pawnshops.

timur 350-1


Simply a Programmer, as he asks to be called. He oversees all mobile and web applications, as well as programming languages SQL, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript.


Our HR and Chief Manager
Does everything to keep documents in order and satisfy the tax inspection. The lovely half of the office.
islam 350


Head of Support
The ruler of servers. Ensures all clients are satisfied and servers operate without failures. Cisco certificate aids him in this.


Leader and Inspirational Figure
A person who sees a genius in each of us and knows how to find common ground with that genius. He says miracles don't happen, though he knows our sincere love for our work and unity can make miracles happen.


FlexSoft Company has a friendly and cohesive team, where everyone is like one family. In our company, there is a developed corporate culture. Birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of children among employees, and state holidays are widely celebrated.

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Software for Microfinance Organizations and Pawnshops.

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