FlexFin – PawnShop


The software product "FlexFin – PawnShop" serves as the core of automating operations and accounting in pawnshops. It enables the management of customer records, pawn tickets, and various types of pledges (such as jewelry, household appliances, and antiques). It promptly reflects the quality of assets and also automates pawnshop balance accounting.

The software "FlexFin – PawnShop" for managing operations and financial analysis is designed to meet the requirements of pawnshops operating in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This software is developed in strict compliance with the current legislation of the Republic and fully complies with all regulatory documents governing the activities of pawnshops.

Our product is tailored to the specific needs of pawnshop operations and can be configured according to the requirements of each individual pawnshop. The program is user-friendly and easy to use, requiring minimal time for staff training.

The software performs daily automatic interest accruals on all active loans according to the contract terms, accounts for and calculates penalty interest rates (penalties) on overdue assets, and maintains records of pledged assets.

"FexFin – PawnShop" automatically generates primary documents (cash receipts and disbursements, loan agreements, pawn tickets, etc.), creates necessary reports (loan reports, cash books, customer accounts, etc.), and ensures balance integrity control. Additionally, the software provides the capability to promptly generate and submit electronic reporting forms to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan when necessary.